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Digital Deepak Internship Program

Hi, I’m Pratiksha, I’m a part of the Digital Deepak Internship Program Batch – 4. A brief about me – I come from a very different and complete non-technical background. I did my majors in Botany, post which I did my PR management, and landed into media.

After an extended Maternity break of 4 years, I made a decision to upgrade my skills so I can fit today’s industry and hence I made a decision to find out Digital Marketing. And also for a few obvious reasons, it has lots of scopes, that’s one industry booming every single day and also the most vital thing which was a catch to me is that I can work as a Freelancer.

Freelancing caught my 200% attention. Considering my situation and also the baby around that best suited me. And that I made up my mind I would like to urge into it. That’s how I came across Digital Deepak. After watching his free videos, my decision became stronger. However, I was more keen on offline training than online.

As much I wanted to affix the Digital Deepak Institute, I was searching for an offline course in Mumbai.

Honestly, I joined another institute where DD was a faculty and they offered offline training too. If not DD, the following best on behalf of me was where he was teaching faculty. DD was the sole reason why I had joined that institute. But pandemic changed it all. After almost 45 days of offline training, because of lockdown, everything went online, which forced me to think if it’s online then Why not join Digital Deepak who has always been my inspiration.

This is how I joined the Digital Deepak Internship Program, which out and away is the best decision that I made.

I remember constantly bugging the DD team by sending emails for the following internship batch. They always replied saying if I’m eligible they will approve my application. Which made me all the more stressed and impatient, what if my application gets rejected.

As soon as I got a mail from the DD team for the Launch Webinar of the subsequent batch I left the institute and with no turnabout on the Launch Date, I enrolled myself for the course like other action takers.

Till the time of the webinar I wasn’t really aware about the “Learn as you Earn Plan”. after I learned about it, the immediate thought that popped into my mind was this is the best plan, and it’s designed only for me, as I had already spent thousands on the other institute.

So with DD, I was sure that what ever I invest that’s gonna come back. Though getting back money was never my intention, my focus was to learn as much as I could. Because my focus was kick-starting my career again. However, eventually earning back also became one driving force to me.

Having said I had taken almost 6-7 weeks of coaching, I was still fairly new to Digital Marketing. 

About Digital Deepak

Digital Deepak

Let me now introduce you to Digital Deepak – the person behind Digital game-changer Deepak Kanakaraju.

He is a widely known name within the field of Digital Marketing. He is a Blogger, Speaker, and a Trainer. His decades of experience and fervour towards Digital Marketing makes him so successful and master this field. He is co-founder of PixelTrack Digital. His blogs are mainly posted on which is ranked amongst the highest 10 blogs in India, he is an Author and a Consultant too. He’s also a columnist at and Yourstory.

He started his career as a bike blogger which gave DD lots of followers and views each month. Top companies in India want to figure with him.

However, his mission is to create 1 Million Digital Marketers in India.

And undoubtedly he is giving his 200% to make it possible. Through his courses, he not only shares value but also makes sure every intern is motivated so each can reach up to their goal. And in fact, the assignments ensure that we understand the subject well.

Digital Deepak Internship Program

The Digital Deepak Internship Program is a 12-week module where we also get 4 bonus weeks for extra knowledge. It is a step by step learning process which is extremely well structured.

Week 1 – Success Mindset

The 1st training lecture is all about creating a positive and successful mindset that may facilitate your growth in whichever field you wish to grow or build your career…

This week is simply the introduction and it focuses more on motivating all the interns who have joined. The subject revolves around, “how to attain the specified goal in life”.

Week 2 – Law of Markrting

Here, we got knowledge of the basics of Marketing. We had to research about market strategies and write a piece about it. Till here everything looked very easy, the course was still not started and we were gaining knowledge about what’s required to become a successful Digital Marketer. In week 2 we get a gist of how structured article needs to be written and published.

Week 3 – Selecting a Profitable Niche

In this particular week, we select our niche that supports our interest or what we are passionate about. If we dont know or we are confused about niche selection do not worry DD gives us an assignment sheet that may facilitate you to find the niche or, atleast the interest which may eventually be developed.

Week 4 – Creating our own website

Now here starts the important work, I created my very own website which I never thought of in my weirdest dream. I always thought that it is a Technical person’s job and that I can never have a go at it. Today I’m so confident that I may also build a website for somebody else. Again, to say after this assignment you can also take such projects for any of your clients.

Week 5 – Becoming a king of Content

This week isn’t only about content writing but also about content marketing. In this week DD also explains about Personal Branding. Which is incredibly important if you observe your career as a freelancer. DD’s unique thought that clients prefer to talk over with people and not logos, which blew my mind and hence personal branding became vital to me.

Week 6 – Social Media Marketing

I learnt the fundamentals about Social Media Marketing. We didn’t halt at social Media, of course Digital Deepak gave us a task to create our own Tribe/Community. Which was so surprising. Each intern thought since DD has numerous followers it’s totally easy for him to do and it’ll be very difficult for us. But trust me, he made it really easy, that each of us had built their own tribe outside the Batch. Which was an awesome experience.

Week 7 – Lead Generation & Email Marketing

We learnt to come up with leads and email marketing with the assistance of other tools that DD introduced us to. Which made the work really easy. Sending thousands of messages was so simple is what we learnt. I had also created my ebook for the first time and drove traffic to that. Here DD not only teaches how to generate leads but also nurture the leads.

Week 8 – Facebook Ads

I always thought running ads would be a simple job. Because the other institute had already covered this topic in 45 days training. So I assumed I knew it all. But I was wrong.

DD features a very different perspective for each and every topic in his program. There was a twist here too.

We had to create a Landing page and a thank you page was something which nobody will teach. This my personal experience, but when after looking at the process you feel it is so vast and so much to find out. every time there is so much new to learn.

Week 9 – Running Google Ads

We learnt about Good Ads, Analytics, Console and also ran Google Ads for our projects. It has been a relatively simple week for me. As tools required were already installed and that we just had to capture data. It was through new technique but very nicely done.

Week 10 – Search Engine Optimisation

This was one amongst my favourite weeks. Here I wrote a new SEO optimised article. We had to create backlinks which is Off page SEO. And it is very important in google ranking. This was by far one of my very satisfied and well performed weeks. I got to learn lots here. Since I used to be more curious about blogging this week helped me a lot understanding ranking perspective.

Week 11- Deep Marketing Automation

OMG!!! This was one of the most ultimate weeks that each one of us would have stumbled upon. We are at week 11 currently. ranging from video explanation to assignment explanation everything gave the impression of technical magic. and therefore the way DD does it with so ease is commendable.

Excluding what’s in the ,odule DD also keeps arranging extra sessions with either HR team or ex Team members or some motivational speakers or another influencer so we will gain extra knowledge.

I also learnt something new in Week 11, which is, there are certain categories of individuals who know something new but they keep it to themself because they do not want anyone else to know their tricks. That’s not the case with DD, let me tell you DD explained and gave us all his small secret tips and tricks about the method. He’s one super selfless soul that I came across.

The courses that DD offers in his unique Program, is indeed designed so uniquely and explanation is additionally done in a unique manner. Moreover, the assignments will make you all the more perfect.

Infact, most of my batch mates have already begun to earn and crack deals as a freelancer. Which is so commendable and that I am sure it must be a proud moment for DD additionally. In the end it’s all DD’s efforts that they have started to earn.

During our Lead Generation week after I sent out mails to my old clients, I fortunately got a project where my profit was Rs 15,000. It really feels good when you work on something and your effort pays off. In fact most of the batch mates got clients during on. To be honest, I will say it happened to me at the right time with the right technique which helped me to bagg that project.

Apart from Internship, i might just like to share a little experience just to point out DD isn’t only an awesome trainer but also an awesome human being. In our batch, it so happened that, in our initial week, there have been few students who got their cash back twice. In other institutes, I have seen either they ask to return the cash or they tell them we won’t pay you for your next assignment. But what DD did was he asked those students to donate that money instead.

Which is where he began to gain respect from most of my batch mates.

This is my story, which I have witnessed. I’m sure everyone would have different stories like this in my batch.

According to me it’s better to find out new things from a better person and a good human, which is able to successively reflect on you too. Once you’re in this league you’ll even be noticed.

i’ll strongly recommend to the people who are really fascinated by Digital Marketing, nobody is as better as Digital Deepak. He encompasses a different way of teaching and also a very different module/topic that each one interns will encounter. Everyone in our batch is keen to hitch Team DD however that’s subject to selection and performance throughout.

If there’s any opportunity DD prefers to pick out someone only from the batch. If not with DD i’m sure something better will always pop up because the industry is huge so work opportunity is also humongous for all.

Reasons to join Digital Deepak Internship Program

Free Internship Plan
  • You are gaining knowledge from the best within the industry.
  • This course will change your perspective towards digital marketing as a whole.

          Ideally the Internship is at no cost. of course you furthermore may get a chance to 

          earn over what’s invested.

  • Course will teach you modules that no other institute will even bother to show. Here we not only learn the fundamentals but we learn advance course in basic fees.
  • During the Assignment process itself you’ll get clients and begin earning if you’re serious about Digital Marketing.

It’s a certified course, but over certification Digital Deepaks name within the Resume and therefore the project that you just have done during the Internship Program is sufficient to crack any client or an expert job.

I hope this text is beneficial to the readers, and hope this causes you to be able to join the subsequent batch of Digital Deepaks Internship Program.

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