Best Tips for Newborn Baby Care


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Welcome to Motherhood!!!!

As much new mothers gear themselves for the arrival of a little one with nervousness & excitement, baby care after birth is unlike that we have imagined it to be. It is also very important to stay calm, make yourself comfortable physically and mentally for the next big change in your life.

Always remember, all babies are different and they react differently. Accumulating tips from everywhere will definitely help however, once you dive into it, the perception will be clearer. 

Newborn care after delivery is very essential. There are a lot of things that need to be considered after birth.

Here are the important newborn baby care tips to be done immediately;

Foremost, make sure there is always a sanitizer around you. Washing hands with soap and warm water or sanitizing hands every time before touching the baby is the primary care every parent should follow. Newborns comparatively have a weak immune system hence maintaining hand hygiene is advisable. 

Newborn Baby Care Tips

Skin to skin contact 

It is the golden time for the mother and baby to get that skin to skin contact immediately after birth. It benefits both, it helps in stabilizing the baby’s heart rate, body temperature regulation, respiration/breathing process, and blood sugar level. It helps reduce the postpartum bleeding and calms the mother’s body. 

The massive amount of pressure, pain, and tiredness the mother has gone through can be calmed when there is skin to skin between both. Hence it is made a priority. It’s also the best time to create bonding between mother & baby. This also creates physical and emotional benefits. 

Touch is the ultimate sign of comfort for the baby. So, when skin to skin is done with the parent babies feel secure and hence it calms them down. The technique and science of this process on its own is so soothing and calmer for both mother and child. The pleasure is innumerable. 


Breastfeeding can be done in an hour or two after the birth of the baby. The initial milk is nutrient-rich and is extremely beneficial for the baby.

Breastfeeding helps both mother and the baby. The best food for the baby for the first 6 months is breast milk as per health authorities. It provides an optimal amount of nutrients to the child and also ensures building a strong immune system of babies. 

It is the only healthiest and protein-rich food for a baby when they can’t eat any other food, as well as easy to digest. It also helps babies to fight against viruses and bacteria as breast milk contains important antibodies compared to Formula milk. It is also said, babies consuming Formula are more prone to diarrhea and other infections. 

According to the study, the benefit of breastfeeding from 1st to 5th month is for babies and 6th to 11th is for mothers.

Babies have a fist-sized stomach and can get hungry very frequently. Hence, keep feeding them breast milk at regular intervals. Best recommended after every 3 – 4 hours. Do not worry about the supply, your baby is helping your body to produce milk supply timely as it requires.

Do not introduce your baby to water for the 1st 6 months. Mother’s milk has enough water content to keep the baby hydrated. It might also lead to infection hence it becomes very important for a new mom to follow the correct newborn baby care process.

An important tip to improve Lactation;

Hydration – It is very important to drink lots of water to cope with the supply of milk.

Also, there are various Indian foods to increase breast milk supply for a new mom.

Newborn Weight

Apart from the development of the baby, health is also a key concern of the parents. Hence, the moment the baby is born the first question asked is, “Is the baby healthy?” 

There are various reasons, babies’ weight might get affected. 

Few are; 

  • Mothers Diet during pregnancy
  • Mothers age
  • A premature baby which means the birth of the child in the 30th week
  • Genetics

Generally, a newborn is considered to be healthy if the weight is between 2.5kg – 3.5kg. Anything over or under is then considered to be unusual and is kept under minute observation by health care centers. 

It is common for babies to lose 10% of the weight in a few days post-birth. As they are in the mode of adjusting themselves to the new environment. Mother’s milk contains important nutrients and protein which help babies to gain their lost weight eventually. 

On average, a baby gains approximately 175-200 grams of weight per week. They generally double their weight in 5-6 months if a proper nutrition-rich diet is consumed. 

It is very essential to closely observe and analyze a baby’s weight gain. If the baby is not consuming enough milk, latch them to formula milk, if that is also a problem then visit the pediatrician immediately to figure out the discomfort.

Baby’s who are born premature which is between 28 –  32 weeks are generally underweight. Their birth weight could be as least as 1kg, hence are kept in incubators. However, this is not a reason to worry as baby’s gain weight very fast especially when they are breastfeeding baby’s.

Observe the baby’s growth, development, activities, cues which will help to become a caring parent.


The bathing process for a newborn needs to be done with extra care. There are some basic steps that always have to focus on the baby’s bath. confirm everything is prepared before you begin the tub. The showering process is often done at any time for the baby, however, it’s recommended to bathe the baby before a feed.

don’t make the baby bathe when they are cranky or tired.

Once the umbilical cord is dropped we start the washing process. Which is around 15-20 days after birth, till then we just ablution the baby.

Maintain room temperature. the area where you may get the baby post-bath should not be too cold. quarter-hour after a bath, turn on AC/fan.

For babies, we always use lukewarm water, as it is very soothing for them. The primary step must always be ensuring the water isn’t too hot.

Massage and clean the baby twice daily to keep up the healthiness & hygiene of the baby.

Always take the support of your hands to pour water on the baby. confirm water doesn’t touch the skin of the baby directly. this will make sure the water is running slowly through the newborn’s body.

Make sure you begin bathing from the legs and so go upwards.

Talk to the child during the process, they’re very active during bathing time. Talking will make the process enjoyable for babies. The Mother-child connection will get stronger.

Thoroughly clean babies fingers and mid fingers, neck, underarms, ensure there’s no dirt, as these are most dirt prone areas. and the very first thing that babies put in their mouth is their own hand so confirm it always germs free. Hygiene is an important part of daily essential and it’s very important to keep the baby clean and fresh.

Feeding the baby after a shower will help them sleep calmly. Bath time helps in relaxing the fussy babies.

Cleaning the baby at night with warm water ensures proper body hygiene.

Massage for Newborn baby

Massing the baby regularly will keep the baby mentally and physically relaxed, skin becomes better and blood circulation also improves.

Never put oil drops or breastmilk in the nose or ears of the baby. It can cause infection please avoid these old traditional myths.

Burping Process

Burping is a must process for a baby. The process is done immediately after feeding the baby irrespective of breastmilk or formula. Burping is done right from birth, till 8-9 months. Burping ensures the removal of air bubbles from the babies. It acts as a compulsory process for a newborn baby’s comfort.

When babies cry they form air bubbles in their stomach. Post feed that bubble might irritate the babies. Hence it becomes important to get rid of that bubble and burping is the only way.

There are several techniques for burping however what worked best for my daughter was holding her upright towards the shoulder and gently massaging the back. Ensure the stomach is pressed which can help the burping process go easy.

Not making the baby burp might cause stomach ache, discomfort, they could also spit up milk frequently.


Keeping the baby swaddled most of the time of the day to make the child’s hands and legs straight is typically an Indian traditional method and a myth.

Of Course, swaddling is done and is very important however the rationale behind it is to give that very same coziness to the kid as 9 months of pregnancy.

Swaddling makes the baby feel secure. Post bathing, swaddle the baby, feeding them, and putting them to sleep is the time when the baby feels relaxed the most.

These are basic newborn baby care tips that require to be followed by parents.

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