How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Being a Parent


                                                        Motherhood is the greatest Happiness

The transformation from Womanhood to Motherhood!!!!! 

The second we hold a beautiful little human in our arms, we forget the entire nine months physical and mental stressful journey that we have just strolled through. 

And now…

The actual journey of Motherhood has begun.  Motherhood or being a parent is an enigmatic inclination, however, as much as the process is enjoyable it is likewise a task with stress and exhaustion for parents and the child both.

According to studies and I am certain the majority of the Mothers will agree that, 

There is no such thing called “perfect parenting” or “perfect childhood”, both the parent and the child strive to comprehend the requirements and signs of one another. Initially, it is a difficult stretch for both. We begin to struggle with the word parenting.

There is no specific school where a child figures out to be a “perfect child” similarly, there is no specific school for a parent to be a “perfect parent”. All the child needs is the Mother to be besides them, to feel perfect. So just be around, be there and do the best. We are learners for life. We learn in every single phase of life. We learn through our slip-ups. 

In circumstances when unsure, we seek help from various sources be it internet, books, guidance from best and we ensure the error doesn’t exculpate.

At this stage more than the child, we need to invest energy to crack the child’s needs. Trust me, getting it right is the only key to make the baby calm and less cranky. 

At times it becomes truly challenging to understand the child, in circumstances like these, take a deep breath and see what message the kid is attempting to pass. 

Understand, as much as you are struggling, the baby is also sailing with you. Remind your brain, to be calm and to be there.

Kids are not meant to be disconnected, they are intended to be with us.

Some babies are more cranky and some are not, do not compare the child this might bring out more aggression in you. Everybody has their own challenges and everybody walks on it at the given time. Do what helps the best for the baby and the family and furthermore what the unique situation demands..

Babies get clingy excessively more often. Allow them to have access to you. Do not make them feel aloof, do not make them feel disregarded or isolated. The reason for getting clingy could be, that they are stressed or maybe because of developmental stages or it could be purely because of habit. Hold them, play with them and this shall too pass.

Encourage yourself enough with abundance, strength, energy, light, positivity to amplify the good and diminish the awful. The baby is fortunate to have you and you are equally privileged that the baby chose you.

Motherhood is a sacrifice, self-sacrifice that comes unquestionably with the baby. We surrender who we were before, we abandon our dreams, career, hobbies, plans but it’s worth it. As you have someone to look up to. Your beautiful creation. So be proud and enjoy the phase. 

A question for all the mommies, what do you want for your child?

The answer of most of the Mothers will be Contentment in Happy life followed by a healthy and well-adjusted life. Happiness is certainly the essential objective that most parents want for their child. That’s the thing most parents have in common. 

And happiness starts with us with the mother, with the family. So, believe in you and be accessible as a child is genetically programmed to be with you.

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